Vendor Rules & Regulations

Bilgers Rocks Events • 1921 Bilgers Rocks Road • Grampian, PA 16838 Contacts: Barb at 814-236-3597 


VENDOR INFORMATION Following is information pertinent to vendors attending events held at Bilgers Rocks. If you have any questions, please call Barb or Dennis


*CAMPING & TRAILER PARKING Call Barb for the availability of camping or trailer parking space


COMPLIANCE & ENFORCEMENT Bilgers Rocks Association reserves the absolute right to regulate conduct, restrict any and all activities, and restrict the possession of any and all items, at its sole discretion. Bilgers Rocks Association reserves the absolute right to remove any and all persons from Bilgers Rocks property for failure to abide by any and all rules and regulations specifically set forth herein, or, instructions issued from time to time by Bilgers Rocks Association, its officers, and/or designated agents. Furthermore, in the event of a possible violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Bilgers Rocks Association reserves the right to turn over to the custody of local law enforcement personnel any information about said person(s).


ALCOHOL POLICY Sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Disorderly or intoxicated persons will not be tolerated. Furnishing of alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited. Pennsylvania State Law considers anyone under the age of 21 a minor. 

CONCESSION RESTRICTIONS: FOOD, SERVICES, LICENSING, ETC. Bilgers Rocks Association reserves the rights for all food, drink, notary/title services, videos, show photographic souvenirs, Bilgers Rocks sportswear and any souvenir displaying Bilgers Rocks’ name or that implies connection to Bilgers Rocks or Bilgers Rocks events. 

DAMAGE, LOSS BY FIRE, THEFT OR OTHER CAUSE Bilgers Rocks Association assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss by fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever. Vendors and spectators use the facilities at their own risk and agree to indemnify and save harmless Bilgers Rocks Association, its agents and volunteers from any loss or liability including but not limited to costs of defense, arising from participation at events conducted by Bilgers Rocks Association and/or held at Bilgers Rocks. Vendors will indemnify and save harmless Bilgers Rocks Association for any such loss or liability arising from conduct of any vendor toward another vendor or the public.

MERCHANDISE SALES RESTRICTIONS The sale of guns, knives, martial arts weapons, etc., is prohibited. The sale of fireworks, ammunition, adult items and drug paraphernalia is explicitly prohibited.  

SCOOTERS Personal handicap mobility scooters may be brought to and used during events (owner and operator of such devices takes full liability for any accident or damages when operating such devices).

VEHICLE PASSES One vehicle pass will be issued per  event field vehicle or vending space. It MUST be permanently displayed in the windshield for entry into vending area.  No pass shall be reproduced. Holders of passes are responsible for their use and/or misuse regardless of the circumstances. If a pass is lost or damaged, report immediately.

SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN:  Set-up hours are 2 hours prior to event start time. Tear-down: Vendors are encouraged to stay until closing time of event day. Packing of displays may begin at 1 hour prior to closing of event. During event hours, no vehicles are allowed inside the event area for unloading. Inventory must be hand-carted if necessary. Blocking of event and camping entrances on show days is prohibited.

TRASH REMOVAL Vendors will be charged for removal of excessive trash that is not properly bagged.  It is mandatory that all cardboard boxes be broken down and stacked.


GENERATORS Generators may be safely operated between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. The use of generators at any other times is strictly forbidden. Generators causing excessive noise or fumes are strictly prohibited. Generators that vent exhaust fumes directly into adjoining vendor spaces are strictly prohibited. 

*SALES TAX The State of Pennsylvania requires that any vendor selling merchandise obtain a permanent Pennsylvania sales tax license. Any questions or concerns regarding filing should be directed to the Bureau of Collections and Taxpayer Services at 717-425-7704.

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE each vendor must provide a document issued by an insurer which evidences that an insurance policy exists and provides information such as insurer, insurance agency, insured, types of insurance, policy numbers, effective dates, limits, certificate holder, cancellation procedure, special Provisions, e.g., additional insured, and the name of the representative authorizing the policy.

SPACE LEASING POLICIES INTENT OF POLICIES The intent of the Bilgers Rocks' space leasing policies are provided as a means of preserving the integrity of the events. The continued quality and character of the events can only be assured through effective management of the vendor base and through safeguarding any and all privileges afforded to existing vendors, sponsors, as well as those rights of the company. It is the goal of Bilgers Rocks Association to provide a diverse product mix that is not overwhelmed by any product type or line. It is the responsibility of this company to fulfill all contractual obligations to our vendor and sponsor base.

RIGHT TO REJECT APPLICATION FOR SPACE RENTAL OR RENEWAL Bilgers Rocks Association reserves the right to reject any application for space rental or renewal on the basis of unsatisfactory previous conduct, merchandise that does not fit within the scope of the event or upon any other basis made in the sole determination and at the sole discretion of Bilgers Rocks Association, Bilgers Rocks Association also reserves the right to remove individuals who exhibit unsatisfactory behavior during an event.

These rules and regulations may be modified by Bilgers Rocks Association at any time subject to the sole discretion of Bilgers Rocks Association. October 2017

*All vendors selling new or used merchandise within the State of Pennsylvania are required by law to have a Pennsylvania State Sales Tax License (see PA Department of Revenue law on next page). Even if a vendor sells only once or twice a year, it is still necessary to have a license because, according to the law, the sales are in competition with other vendors also selling. There is no fee involved in obtaining a license.  If you have any questions or need assistance in filing, call the Harrisburg, PA State Tax Office   at 717‐425‐7700. You may also visit the PA Dept. of Revenue website at


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